Belcher Frost Solicitors Limited is a limited company registered in England and Wales. It is registered at Companies House under reference number OC 08370629. The registered office is at 3 West Street, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7DX.

Belcher Frost Solicitors Limited is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (reg no. 596629). Details of the fundamental ethical and professional standards that apply to us as an English law firm may be viewed on the Solicitors Regulation Authority website – www.sra.org.uk

A list of Directors may be inspected at our Registered Office.

“Partner” denotes a Director of Belcher Frost Solicitors Limited.  Belcher Frost is the trading name of Belcher Frost Solicitors Limited.

Our VAT number is 165796949.  Our professional indemnity insurer is QBE Insurance UK, Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 3BD.

The applicable law, unless otherwise agreed, is English law, with the English Courts having exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any claim, dispute or difference concerning the service and any matter arising from it.

As key professionals, we facilitate transactions on behalf of many different clients and in that capacity we must act at all times with integrity, uphold the law and not engage in criminal activity. It is well known that criminals attempt to use law firms as a cover for their activities and as a result we are required by law to be diligent.

Of particular relevance in this regard are the following:

  • the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 impose a legal obligation on us to verify the identity of all our clients, to get to know them and to understand the reasoning behind the instructions they give
  • the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 establishes several offences relating to the laundering of money, failing to report suspected money laundering and tipping off where money laundering is suspected
  • the Terrorism Act 2000 establishes several offences relating to the engagement in or facilitating terrorism as well as possessing funds for terrorist purposes.

Further, we do not tolerate corruption (including bribery) in any form either within our business or in those we do business with. The firm has in place an Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy that includes procedures for the prevention of corrupt practices. If you have reasonable cause to suspect unethical and/or corrupt practice(s) in your dealings with us then you should report your suspicions immediately in confidence to the Senior Partner, Penny Smith at Belcher Frost, 3 West Street, Emsworth, Hampshire, PO10 7DX on psmith@belcherfrost.co.uk or 01243 377231

We maintain professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the mandatory requirements of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our clients. Sometimes things go wrong and in that unlikely event we have a written Complaints Procedure to ensure that complaints are dealt with promptly, fairly and effectively. A copy of our written Complaints Procedure can be located on our website.