We are an established local firm in Emsworth

Belcher Addison puts the personal into law. Our firm provides a client-tailored service. We match our combined years of expertise in law with our clients’ personal experiences to ensure we achieve the best results possible.

As experts in Wills, Probate, Court of Protection, Inheritance Tax,Trusts, and Conveyancing, our deliverables are as varied as our client base.

Many of our services are conveniently interchangeable

This helps save our clients precious time. 

For example, when buying or selling a house at any age, it often makes sense to write or update a Will.

Equally, you may need to sell a house after a death of a spouse or parent and require additional help with Probate.

Then, for a surviving parent, you could need a Lasting Power of Attorney or Deputyship. 

At Belcher Addison, we can help you handle this all

Our rates are competitive, and the value we deliver to our clients is always above and beyond.

We also have strong relationships with banks, financial advisers, accountants, estate agents, surveyors, and other business professionals locally and across the region to assist you further.